Thursday, 10 May 2012

May 3rd 2012 - Calm before and in the Storm

Thursday before event...
A quick and late summary really after the fact.
Thursday was a dry day and fairly easy after the set up with the extra hand - Richard.
Deliveries all came in with no problems,
Party Plastics left the glasses at the Warden's office - and Richard manfully carried one back when returning form the loo - but the scouts brought the remainder over in the tractor which was kind.
Booker's arrived - with a slightly stressed delivery manager - Stuart - having to do the delivery himself - but by that time we had Pippa and a few hands to help, and Susie had rigged up a tarpaulin shelter out back for the stock. Managed in good time - and Susie ticked off the items as they came in which was an improvement on me running around with the clipboard after the delivery was finished - which was last year's method.

Sadly for Stuart, he had forgotten to put the tobacco products in - and as they accounted for over £1,000 - he would have to make another run. Luckily for him - he was delivering int he area again on the morrow - so I said he could wait till then - he seemed relieved.

Vitis came in and by that time we had Richard's partners with us. Had to explain that the extra stock was for Cow Pie - and that I was anticipating selling at least 3-4 cases of each Mead and a lot of the country wines at that event - rather than this - but it still looks a lot of wine and mead for a three day event. They haven't seen the CP crew when in action!!

Managed to open at 3pm - the licensed time and we were ready for the influx.
Good to see old friends again - most not see since August last year - Renewal.
Usual motley crew but numbers seem to be down ... though as I recall we experienced the same last year.
Of course - last year the traders and the food concessions were outside the play area - and the traders are all set up in our compound now - and the food concessions ( including Loads of Waffle ) are behind us...
So last year we accounted for the loss of trade by the set up - this year - we should have everything going for us  - good site, good location - just dependent upon the weather which seems uncharacteristically cold.

Sam and Pippa are with us for the evening as well as Richard - and Susie decides that we can stretch the corn beef hash between us so we close the bar at 7pm for half an hour. Jim (Pembridge) pops his head around and asks if we want him to serve while we are eating and we let him get on with it ..  Excellent having so many mates who are "moonies" ..

Thursday evening follows its normal course - though many are a little less exuberant than some former years - must all be getting older.

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