Saturday, 31 August 2019

31st August 2019 - My Gosh - PPI Claims stopped on the 29th - why did no-one tell us?

Thought for the day :"My wife is leaving me because of my obsession with 'Star Wars'. I said: May divorce be with you."

Early start and out toward Crete via Bristol Airport..

So just a thought and a political thought...


Friday, 30 August 2019

30th August 2019 - Back from Bolton - Limping

Thought for the day:"If Russians pronounce B’s as V’s then Soviet."

a daily Boris...

And so a trip to Bolton (West Houghton) was a little more traumatic than expected..  5 Miles from the Hall a slight grinding started on the front wheels.. one of those annoying sounds that you cannot quite work out where it is coming from .. was it the back - was it the front left ?
Seems that applying the brakes stopped it so thinking that maybe a brake shoe was rubbing...

However - after the meeting - rather than hang around and come back the next day - I decide that if I am to wait in a lay-by somewhere waiting for the RAC then it is better to set off early ...

So.. clue the one time that the satnav decides to play up and send me through Llandrindod Wells and then Builth Wells extending the journey by another 15 miles!!  as the sounds get worse and worse...

As we come into Felinfoel - we are really limping and the teddies are doing their best to keep the old girl running - I can feel their empathy !!!

And we get home - and park up for the night - well for the fortnight really - Not sure how much damage has been done - but we will find out on my return ..

For now it is a day to pack and think about getting to the airport tomorrow - will be an early start - but at least it is Bristol rather than Luton or Gatwick...

and talking of exotic places...

So - a couple of memories of Mythodea 2019 which popped up on my feed today ...

and a vollsanger for good luck ...


Thursday, 29 August 2019

29th August 2019 - travels again

Thought for the day :"Singer Neil Diamond started his career as Neil Coal... He changed his name when the pressure got to him."

and a thought...

And so - on the road again ...   West Houghton - Knight Masons

and as I go on my daily travels ... perhaps we would want to be here

meanwhile - a daily Boris...

seems about right on the day that Parliament is Prorogued

On other matters I saw this interesting snippet about Survivorship...

and so I had better get on the road ...

Cheers !

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

28th August 2019 - Packing away again

Thought for the day :"I ate a pelican today.......never again..!!....the bill was massive..!!"

Flying Pigs...
'I am the first pig to fly.' - November 4th, 1909.
Daily Boris ..
And some photos ...

Van Unloaded - and trailer put away - though not emptied...
Sleep !
Cheers !

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

27th August 2019 - Back from Renewal

Thought for the day:"Never challenge Death to a pillow fight - unless you are prepared for the Reaper Cushions"

tired - very tired

cheers !

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

21st August 2019 - On the road again!

Thought for the day :"I’ve just been attacked by a gang of Oriental chaps dressed in all black outfits ... I suffered Multiple Ninja - ries"


But time to upload a new Video - Raging Shrews - Fix you !

Cheers !

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

20th August 2019 - And load the trailer again !!!

Thought for the day:"If you re-arrange the letters of POSTMEN – they get very angry !"

Facebook Gallery 1
Facebook Gallery 2
Sitting in a field - Flickr

firepit and songs




what more could you want ?
Not getting rich quickly but have 8 downloads  :)

Cheers !

Monday, 19 August 2019

19th August 2019 - Back from the field

Thought for the day :"I invented beach footwear for people with only one leg – sadly it was a flop"

A picture popped up from Drachenfest this morning...  "how to make an entrance into the ritual circle - just saying Silver Avatar - Drachenfest 2015"

But a quick change of profile pictures to cover my two days home ...

Very tired -

And back to Politics - What did they ever do for us?

Cheers !