Tuesday, 31 December 2019

31st December 2019 - Last Day and Absent Friends

Thought for the day :"I never called you stupid, but when I asked you to spell Orange and you asked Fruit or Colour – I was caught a little off guard"

So, an hour or two walking around Furnace Ponds yesterday with my video artist Freja.  Caused a bit of confusion with some fisher-people who had set up camp for four days on the bankside and were very intrigued as to why a guy was in a cloak and headband and wielding a guitar and walking a dog at the same time. Curiosity finally got to them and the girl came over to ask what we were doing.

And so the trailer is out - ready for a proper release at 10pm this evening ...

 Absent Friends - the Trailer

and of course the video itself ....

Cheers - the last Card for 2019 is...

Monday, 30 December 2019

30th December 2019 - Christmas Greetings, Doctor Who and Jacks

Thought for the day :"Captain Hook bought his hook from a second hand shop"

As Christmas departs - here is a quick map showing how to say Happy Christmas in many Languages,

Happy Christmas in many languages

Thought  would keep it there for next year.

In other news on the subject of Doctor Who and Relative Space and Time...

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey!!!

"If Doctor Watson was not the greatest Doctor then Who is!"  Just Saying 

As we go into a new year - we best plan for the future...

Because someone clearly isn't - more floods and heatwaves on the way I reckon!!!

And Finally !
After all the Lego that has been given as toys this year, and the resulting agonies of the stepped on ....
a blast from the past...  

Have fun

Cheers !

Sunday, 29 December 2019

29th December 2019 - Strange Places and water Park Races

Thought for the day :"Oops - my Check Liver light just came on"

The two way Milk Door
In order that the milk should not go off this would keep it out of the heat and allow the milk to be taken into the house without having to go outside..  A neat idea now that Milk is being delivered again - I suppose a converted dog door would manage it now ..

The Hidden Chapel
On Easter weekend, a UK couple decided to see where the grate on the floor of their home led. They ever would have expected what they found deep beneath their detached Victorian home that cold day. When they lifted the heavy metal grate, they discovered a narrow shaft that led down into a hidden chapel. In the stone cellar-like chapel they found what looked like a large cross that had since collapsed as well as a pair of stone pews.

Upon investigation, they discovered that the cellar had once stood under an old Tudor house and when the house was torn down during the reign of Queen Victoria, a modest Victorian home had been built on top. While in Victorian times the cellar had been chosen to store food and ice, during the Tudor times this had been a secret catholic meeting place where Catholics could meet and prey far from the eyes of the protestant king.

Full-Sized Monopoly
The person who used to live in this home definitely loved Monopoly. How do we know? Well, the new homeowner decided to remove the carpet, and what he found underneath was all the evidence needed.

The Secret Lair
When the Murphy family inherited an old mansion from a distant relative they were over the moon. The house was in pristine condition and located in a historic part of San Francisco. Built over 100 years ago the house had beautiful wooden floors, 3 floors, and high-quality wooden panelling.

After some investigation, the Murphy family discovered it also had a hidden room on the top floor where their relative had kept all his treasures. The room was hidden by a bookcase and inside the room, the family found artwork, silver, deeds, and bonds. They decided to convert the room into a den and now they have a unique story to share with guests.

In other news - thought I may need a new T Shirt ..

Thought of going out for a walk but there seems to be a race going on ...


Saturday, 28 December 2019

28th December 2019 - Coping Mechanisms

Thought for the day :"More people have been on the Moon than have won Takeshi's Castle."

A brighter day today with the rain keeping off. Rest of the family arriving today. Hopefully with a power hammer drill to try to put the banister back on the wall. Sadly got pulled off yesterday - good thing that we did not have a fall. We have had trouble over a fair period of time, with Paul trying to fix it last time he was here but the walls are stone and drilling into them is very difficult.

We shall see if we can manage,

Coping mechanisms : Signs on all the doors saying what they are and little arrows to show where the kitchen and the bathroom are. Vic seems to manage to realise that the bathroom is next to the bedroom so that works fine. Susie wrote a day by day account of what is going t happen over the next week and he can sit and read that for an hour and then ask the same questions - so we add a few lines on to the page to cover the confusion.  I must be fair he is appreciative, and is beginning to realise that he is asking the same questions - but there is no solution unfortunately

Gavin and Stacey were the most successful Christmas show in 10 years apparently..
So I share a picture of Bryn Diesel...

In other news - street graffiti gets merged into bathroom graffiti

Month's free Prime Video was cancelled yesterday as it was the last day. Sadly they stopped it immediately while I thought it would stay on until Midnight to allow me to watch the last two episodes of american Gods - it did not so I was stuck with the news review - depressing!

I was not mentioned in the Honours List again - maybe next year...

Cheers !

Friday, 27 December 2019

27th December 2019 - A Quiet Day

Thought for the day :"I hate jokes about Medieval English currencies... They get my groat..."

I recently posted a 1st World problem about place settings - and the issues of where to put your phone - I found this addendum to the meme today

So, back in Llanelli and a day of rest before the remainder of the family descend for the weekend...
We shall see how the day turns out with Vic, who remains very confused. we have written everything down on his Calendar but of course he is unsure which day we are on - despite the large cross on the page so it is more difficult to work out what is happening ...  Too many decisions and questions it seems. However, he has to go to the Dentist on the 3rd and I will have to be there so I do not really want to take him home early as that would entail a double journey!!

So - we shall see what happens.

In other news ...

Worth remembering

Unpacking the Christmas Presents - was delighted to have a digital portrait of "The Green One"

Found a place for it by our elf on the shelf  "Kokopelli near the Telly"
May need a ore permanent residence later


Thursday, 26 December 2019

26th December 2019 - Boxing Day

Thought for the day;"Sales are on in PC World, got a pocket book, helmet and a whistle."

Trip down to Barton and then back to Llanelli.
Tipping down with rain...

Going to be a long few days I think ..
Trying to find some coping methods - as disorientation is higher being away form the House.
Concerns that money has been left in the house, whether he can go home again and what day is it anyway ..

Ho Hum..

Best get on to the picture of the day:

Cheers !

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

25th December 2019 - Christmas Day - and a bag on the head

Thought for the day :"There is a fine line between genius and insanity – I erased that line"

Up early - though in fairness not at the crack of dawn, and stockings emptied and sitting in the kitchen as food is prepared and festive insults are thrown about the room.

Discussion seem to be heading for political correctness, racism, society and other high subjects while people are wearing empty potato bags on their heads...
It must be Christmas in Aylesbury.

Merry Christmas - Cheers !

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

24th December 2019 - Christmas Eve...

Thought for the day :"Cocktails – the reason to get up every afternoon"

Aylesbury - in the bosom of the family.  Sun going down and no Christmas Tree to put up - it is already done !!..  Best just go for the Gin and Tonic then ...  Seems we will be having Ham... 
Looking forward to it ....

Seems this was my favourite picture of 2017 - so it seemed worthwhile going for it again ...

And this cover picture seems to sum things up 

And so we have the Witcher - and Toss a coin to your Witcher

Cheers !

Monday, 23 December 2019

23rd December 2019 - New Beginnings in recording Land

Thought for the day ;"My website for depressed tennis player is going to fail – the servers are down"

1st world problems - how to lay the table ...

So managed to get up to Aylesbury for the Christmas Period.. Family all here and ready for festive fun...

Not too much time for discussion -
But met up with a possible Sound Engineer / Producer yesterday - Lee Morris working in the Wave - Radio Station - but experienced over many years in studio production. Charges £20 an hour for his services, and I still do not fully know what that is - but willing to go with it as an experiment...

Will put together a track with voice and guitar and send to him to play with - and then go to his studio to record the voice and guitar back to the click track - and see what we have at the end of it ...
If it works - it will be a possibility to go for a Crowd funding for a new cd...

We shall see what transpires ...   But in the meantime - have persuaded Nancy to bring her electric cello with her to 41 - so see what we can manage ..   Good times coming

Have been working on "Absent Friends" - hoping to get out before the New Year ...

Cheers !

Sunday, 22 December 2019

22nd December 2019 - Must be Solstice Today

Thought for the day:"I tried being reasonable – I didn’t like it "

7 years ago we did the Solstice at the Cinema gig in Crosshands...

Was a lovely evening with a singer songwriter from Cardiff topping the bill - Amy Wadge.
Not very well know then and seemed to be like the rest of us - a couple of songs on the stage. Within a year she had written a number of songs with Ed Sheeran and propelled into  stardom - traveling to the US a few times a year and now with sell out tours of her own ...

Amy Wadge
It is her birthday today - didn't know that when she sang in Crosshands at the Old Cinema..

And later on in the lineup was a Viking Skald - by the name of Vollsanger..

Brought his own set and everything ..

But the audience enjoyed...

Well two of them anyway ....

So in other news ...  I saw this gritter ... seems to be eco-friendly

Finfish doing the house toady and getting ready for a trip to Aylesbury for Christmas ...

Cheers !

Saturday, 21 December 2019

21st December 2019 - !2 Days of Christmas and Absent Friends

Thought or the day :"I looked for dates on tinned good – but they just wanted to be friends"

There is a confusion as to whether the Solstice is today - the 21st December or tomorrow 22nd December - I googled and that suggests tomorrow ... But everyone is wishing each other good wishes and Happy Yule - so I may as well jump on the bandwagon...

So Updated for 2019....  Happy Yule, Solstice, Christmas - whatever

and in inappropriate pictures with bad taste..

House keeping today - so the dog is running around hiding form the hoover. Upstairs completed except for doing the beds... Polished the living room and have to hoover the stairs and downstairs...
Sciatica a bit troublesome today - a bit more than usual - thinking it may be the damp weather. Susie found an Osteopath yesterday to try to free off her trapped nerve in her shoulder - and he says that he works well with sciatica - so may try in the new year ... 

Meanwhile I have one day left to try to get "Absent Friends" into the Can...

Absent Friends  (Wes Cardy and Greg Tingey)

Intro. chords
E A E B7 E

The time has come to say goodnight
For every road must end
For the ones who care and are always there
Our very special friends

Let’s say goodnight to those we love
And maybe shed a tear
But before we close let’s think of those
We love who can’t be here

Let’s raise our hands to absent friends
For every road must end
You’ll always be there in our hearts
Our special absent friends

As we go down the road of life
Sometimes we race too far
And as we chase the future bright
We can’t forget the past

So let us cherish memories
We hold inside our hearts
Where those we love will always live
And never to depart


And when it’s time for us to go
And our long journey ends
We’ll never be alone you see
We’ll be with absent friends

Let’s raise our hands to absent friends
For every road must end
You’ll always be there in our hearts
Our special absent friends

Cheers !

Friday, 20 December 2019

20th December 2019 - MOT's, Googly Eyes and A Welsh Snowman

Thought for the day :"Am I getting older or is the supermarket playing great music?"

So, the Bothy gets another year - MOT done and also that for the Suzuki Alto, picking both up this morning ...  Will have to see what the bill is   - but it looks as though I can keep the Bothy running for another year.

Seems I get to use the Googly eyes and the eyelashes after all...

And for the Royals ...

And Llanelli has been very wet the last few days - not too bad today but I thought I would share this Llanelli Snowman !!!

But it being the festive season - was nice to get a card form Austria this morning ... via email - but still nice toe be remembered

Cheers ...