Friday, 31 May 2019

31st May 2019 - Llanelli Street Names

Thought for the day:"They made a movie about a mobile home park. I just watched the trailers."

Some fairly interesting stuff about Llanelli and the street names 

So ..  Cheers !

Thursday, 30 May 2019

30th May 2019 - Just a thought

Thought for the day:"There isn’t a single person today that is married."

Just back from Bolton - Knight Mason - so just a thought....

And Drunken Monk Teddies have to get into the back 

Cheers !

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

29th May 2019 - Banquet Set 2019

Thought for the day:"People who use the wrong word for things should at least have the humidity to admit it once in a while."

and today's Brexit comment is...

And so the Bothy is set for a run again today - up to Macclesfield - or at least Stockport for Knight Mason.

 And back Friday

Another 360 miles on the clock I hope...

Last night I was asked if I could recommend any songs for a medieval banquet for a German colleague who had to sing to an English Speaking audience. I found the task quite interesting...

So thought I would share the results....

Medieval Banquet Set – Vollsanger 2019

Race you to Valhalla
This is a Vollsanger “original” that you will have heard me sing
Actually it is a Welsh song by Dafydd Iwan with words changed to suit Viking style that I use. However, it must be remembered that the Viking influence in England (and all the UK) lasted from 400AD through to after Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the entry of the Normans.
I feel comfortable with using Viking references and they fit nicely in my “Knightly” banquets.
It is a rousing song and will normally get people clapping and singing.

Do Virgins taste Better?
An excellent rousing song with suitably “risquΓ©” lyrics.
Brobdingian Bards for the Original (I do not do the Dragon Follow up)
If slowing the chorus, repeating and speeding up it is guaranteed to have everyone clapping along.

Maid when you’re Young
Again a good sing along – especially if using the last line
“he found my ting-torum!!!!”  with licensious meaning!!!
Always thought this would be better sung by a female singer but I get away with it

Pussy Cat Song
Again a Lewd song that gets everyone going – especially if they join in the “Miaow” ‘s watch the faces of those who have never heard before !!
Stress “What??   It is just a Friendly little Cat”
Over 18’s normally or check with parents …
Lyrics : as sung

Chastity Belt
A perfect song for the period. All about knightly honour and ladies and – well a Chstity Belt.
I now this does not go down so well with all Germans as the punchline is that “the Baron has fitted a Yale!!” and I understand that Yale is not used in Germany.
A Yale key is the most common type of front door lock in the UK
English Speaking people will enjoy the reference..
Can camp up the final part with the page boy….

Barley Mow
I love this one as I do it without accompaniment and the speed that you can finish is great
I always add the name of the Bar / Hall / Group and the “Good Company” as the last verses.

Mead on Scale
Again an original (or at least a variation) but very popular with British audiences who are well acquainted with the song from the “Sound of Music” and will sing along quickly.
Give it a slow start so that they do not realise the tune until too late !!
Lyrics : Easy

Wizard’s Staff
Pure Terry Pratchet
Very popular with the Crowds once they get the idea of the song…
I tend to use the last verse – first line only as I do not use any profanity – only inuendo but I leave it hanging !!
Can’t believe I have not recorded it yet!!
Lyrics : on the youtube link (I have linked to the start of the song)

Oh Sir Cadawyr
Again an original / variation
Can also pick on a particular member of the audience with a girlfriend there
Sing as though from the girl to her Beau
Find the name of the man – call him Sir so and so – best to find one with at least two syllables.
Get them singing – make sure that they realise that you are dropping a word each verse !!
Last verse can be played for all its worth!!

 I hold your hand in mine
A wonderful song by Tom Lehrer  
Can really ham it up – people think it is a love song until you get into it…

Sounds of Violence
Again Original / Variation from the Paul Simon Sounds of Silence
Lures people into the song – then they know the tune so well!

Coast of Caledonia
Again Original / Variation based upon the Eagles
Again lures people into the tune – it is popular
(I do this on the auto harp as well for the instrumentalπŸ˜‰)
Lyrics : on demand

The Green One
I know that this is personal but very aware that Quis et Deus (Vienna Bard) uses it – I know ‘cos he gives me a shout out in his concerts
So annoying that it is good for the show  😊
(I don’t think you need the lyrics)

Minsk from Pinsk
I love this one
Russian style for the chorus – gets everyone clapping again
I ham it up something rotten when being heartbroken 
Lyrics : Can’t find so will write out if you want them

The Widow and the Devil
Love this song – a good jig and lovely story about the Devil not quite satisfying the “Widow” .. Always sounds better when sung my female colleagues – but has to be in the repertoire.
(My wife has played the Character of Agnes the “Widow” for the last 15 years 😊 no connection I assure you )

 Charlie Mopps
The inventor of Beer
Not one I use a lot but works well if you get everyone singing along

Mead Glorious Mead
A variation on the “Mud Mud Glorious Mud” by Flanders and Swann
I use this as a starter
If feeling adventurous – I ask for Colours from the audience and make things up as I go along… (look out for Orange they will try as there is meant not to be a rhyme – I go for deranged)
Youtube : (mud version)

The Mild Ogre
A Vollsanger Original but very popular and used by other colleagues
Again – good for hamming up

The West Awakes
More for background though it is a rousing song
Another Original / Variation on a Traditional Irish Song
A good filler

Who’s the Fool now? (Martin said to his man)
Traditional drinking song – a good crowd pleaser which can be joined in for the last line even if they don’t want to do the repeat lines

One of Us
A great song by Heather Dale – best sung by a woman though I put it onto my CD – I think a winner
You tube :

Wo Trinken Wir??
My only attempt at a German Drinking Song which is now a universal song for any drinking establishment – Written for the Klabautermann, then used in Bad Norderby and Rote Stern
I use it in England for English speaking audiences who have NO German at all
an example is here…

Whiskey in the Jar
            Traditional – enough said

Takes you back to the Ancient Britons
Popular and well known tune and funny lyrics

Irish Ballad
Another funny song from Tom Lehrer
Needs to have an audience ready to listen – words are important

Hares on the Mountain
Simple sing along or background song – can be repeated as needed
Lyrics and Chords :

Moxi went Drinking
Another song to pick on a member of the audience
Works for me as Male singer – but I think it could work either way
 Has lots of stuff for people to join in …

Mattie Groves
Standard Traditional Song – simple and useful

Who’ll be a soldier? (For Marlborough and me)
Well know tune but the words are from the world of re-enactment
Tune is known better as Walzing Mathilda but the song is from 1702 and is known as the Rochester Marching Song …
Youtube version :

Star of the County Down
Always a favourite – enough said

The Worm Song
            A funny that I use – short and simple – A Love song
            Lyrics :
            Youtube :

iain sewell
Vollsanger  - Die Ganze Woche da 😊


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

28th May 2019 - Photo time - Crete

Thought for the day :"Recently took a poll and 100% of those in the tent were angry when it collapsed"

So, back from Crete and looking at some photographs ...

We went to look at a tree...

More tomorrow

Cheers !

Monday, 27 May 2019

27th May 2019 - Brexit - The final frontier

Thought for the day :"To whoever stole my glasses – I will find you – I have my contacts!.."

On the day of the results of the European elections...

I share this from Mike Harding ...

There’s no denying that Theresa May’s letter appealing for the nation to unite around her Brexit deal has not had the response she had hoped for
But perhaps the best reply we have seen so far has come from comic, presenter and veteran folk singer Mike Harding. 
The Prime Minister’s letter on Saturday called for Brits to “come together as one people,” “getting behind this deal.”
Mike Harding’s near perfect response to the PM has been shared 33,516 times so far on Facebook (31,802 more times than May’s letter.)
We’re hoping more people take it upon themselves to tell the PM what they think of her Brexit deal, but in the meantime, Mike’s response is a must-read.
Everybody ought to read his reply reproduced in full below:
Dear Mrs May
I am in France having a break having come here on the train all the way from Settle. I just read your letter to me and the rest of Britain wanting us all to unite behind the damp squib you call a deal. Unite? I laughed so much the mouthful of frogs legs I was eating ended up dancing all over the bald head of the bloke on the opposite table. 
Your party’s little civil war has divided this country irreparably. The last time this happened Cromwell discontinued the custom of kings wearing their heads on their shoulders.
I had a mother who was of Irish descent, an English father who lies in a Dutch graveyard in the village where his Lancaster bomber fell in flames. I had a Polish stepfather who drove a tank for us in WW2 and I have two half Polish sisters and a half Polish brother who is married to a girl from Donegal. 
My two uncles of Irish descent fought for Britain in N Africa and in Burma. 
So far you have called us Citizens Of Nowhere and Queue Jumpers. You have now taken away our children and grandchildren’s freedom to travel, settle, live and work in mainland Europe. 
You have made this country a vicious and much diminished place. You as Home Sec sent a van round telling foreigners to go home. You said “ illegal” but that was bollocks as the legally here people of the Windrush generation soon discovered. 
Your party has sold off our railways, water, electricity, gas, telecoms, Royal Mail etc until all we have left is the NHS and that is lined up for the US to have as soon as Hannon and Hunt can arrange it.
You have lied to the people of this country. You voted Remain yet changed your tune when the chance to grab the job of PM came. You should have sacked those lying bastards Gove and Bojo but daren’t because you haven’t the actual power. 
You have no answer to the British border on the island of Ireland nor do you know how the Gib border with Spain will work once we are out.
Mrs May you have helped to divide this country to such an extent that families and friends are now no longer talking to each other, you have managed to negotiate a deal far worse than the one we had and all to keep together a party of millionaires, Eton Bullingdon boys, spivs and WI harridans. Your party conserves nothing. It has sold everything off in the name of the free market. 
You could have kept our industries going with investment and development – Germany managed it. But no – The Free Market won so Sunderland, Barnsley, Hamilton etc could all go to the devil.
So Mrs May my answer to your plea for unity is firstly that it is ridiculous.
48% of us will never forgive you for Brexit and secondly, of the 52% that voted for it many will not forgive you for not giving them what your lying comrades like Rees Mogg and Fox promised them.
There are no unicorns, there is no £350 million extra for the NHS. The economy will tank and there will be less taxes to help out the poor. We have 350,000 homeless (not rough sleepers – homeless) in one of the richest countries on Earth and you are about to increase that number with your damn fool Brexit. 
The bald man has wiped the frogs legs of his head, I’ve bought him a glass of wine to say sorry; I’m typing this with one finger on my phone in France and I’m tired now and want to stop before my finger gets too tired to join the other one in a sailors salute to you and your squalid Brexit, your shabby xenophobia and Little Englander mentality.
Two fingers to you and your unity from this proud citizen of nowhere. I and roughly half the country will never forgive you or your party.
And so the results are in and immediately are that both sides won!!
Or so it seems - Scotland is easy to see and commentate SNP took all the votes - except they didn't as Brexit got a seat as well as the Lib Dem
But the rest of the country is apparently open to discussion - Though Brexit took 29 seats ...

It seems that it is being claimed as a victory for "Remain" as the popular vote of all the opposition Remain parties added together would have been more ! Though that never seems to work in political votes elsewhere unless you are on the losing side ! 

So I will just leave these here to show how those who voted (39% of the electorate) and the seats that they won accordingly... 

And Sadly we are no nearer to a decision as to what will happen .... Saw a lovely cartoon about a bus dropping down a ravine and a voice inside saying - "yup - time to change the driver"
Sadly cannot find the copy so I will share the concept..

And just to show how the Greens and Lid Dem's won the election ..

Cheers !

Sunday, 26 May 2019

26th May 2019 : Back home again from Crete

Thought for the day: "If you wait for a waiter you become a waiter"

Travelling back to Wales and despite a bit of rain on the way it is sunny here ..

sojust a thought

Cheers ! or even Yammas !

Saturday, 25 May 2019

25th May 2019 - Pit Ponies

Thought for the day:"I've just found a bed under the pile of clothes in the spare room"

So - travelling back from Crete so not much to say today - but on this day on history ...

On 25th May 1999 the last pit pony in South Wales, 'Robbie', worked his last shift underground at Pant y Gasseg, Pontypool.
In 1913 there were 70,000 ponies working underground in Britain's coal mines, gradually replaced by mechanised haulage, until by 1984 only 55 ponies were still in use.
Small ponies no more than 12 hands high were needed, with Shetlands being a breed commonly used because of their small size. The ponies were stabled underground, coming to the surface only during the colliery's annual holiday. They would work an eight-hour shift, during which they might haul 30 tons of coal.

And so it goes..


Friday, 17 May 2019

17th May 2019 - Mead Farm Day Trip

Thought for the day: "A lorry carrying snooker equipment has lost its load on the M1. The cues go back for miles."

So a day in the Mead Farm at Leighton Buzzard today. Feeding the animals,  and taking Torren out for the day ...  Fun had by all...


Thursday, 16 May 2019

16th May 2019 - Just a thought

Thought for the day : "I hate it when I go to the kitchen looking for food and all I find are ingredients"

Just a thought 


Wednesday, 15 May 2019

15th May 2019 - Not much happening

Thought for the day:"I once worked as an alien on the set of a sci-fi film. I was an extra terrestrial."

Today is the Centenary of St Elli Lodge in Llanelli, no 3942. They will be celebrating this evening and I shall be joining them as my last Masonic acitvity before heading off to Crete for the weekend.

A good evening and some interesting history..

Will sort things in the future..

Cheers !

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

14th May 2019 - London - Metropolis Court No 130

Thought for the day:"Someone stole my hedge during the night, I think I need a privet investigator..."

London for the Consecration of the Court of Metropolis No 130.
Remembering how busy London is as I had to stand on the tube from Hanger Lane to Green Park.
Taxi back cost £45.
Will have to see how much the tube actually cost - this contactless way of paying is very impressive but does not really let you know what you are paying - that goes for the bar as well !!
Though reason for the taxi was that we were carrying the banner and sword and to be honest the sword is distinctly more than 3"...   So not a cost to us!!

Back to Wales now and a few days before trip to Crete - looking forward I must admit...


Monday, 13 May 2019

13th May 2019 - A little bit of Freja

Thought for the day :"Had a dream about mufflers, woke up exhausted"

One advantage of setting up a blooming great tent in a field is that you can get some lovely photos..
Sadly - do not think that Erin bothered to pop in ... But Freja had a good sesssion   

Love the Jewelled Elven Ears

So, off to London this afternoon for a Consecration tomorrow of the Court of the Metropolis.