Tuesday, 14 May 2019

14th May 2019 - London - Metropolis Court No 130

Thought for the day:"Someone stole my hedge during the night, I think I need a privet investigator..."

London for the Consecration of the Court of Metropolis No 130.
Remembering how busy London is as I had to stand on the tube from Hanger Lane to Green Park.
Taxi back cost £45.
Will have to see how much the tube actually cost - this contactless way of paying is very impressive but does not really let you know what you are paying - that goes for the bar as well !!
Though reason for the taxi was that we were carrying the banner and sword and to be honest the sword is distinctly more than 3"...   So not a cost to us!!

Back to Wales now and a few days before trip to Crete - looking forward I must admit...


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