Wednesday, 24 August 2016

24th August 2016 - Off to Renewal

Thought for the day: "Procaffeinating  - putting things off until you have had a coffee"

So - on the road to Renewal
Off the grid for a week

cheers !!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

23rd August 2016 - More Pirates

Thought for the day:" Moon rock tastes better than earth rock - because it is a little meteor"

So - what did you do with your weekend?
Me? oh I cavorted in the Crimson Moon with a mermaid and a crocodile - but not just any crocodile, I cavorted with Great Uncle Charlie's Alligator (aka TickTock)...   care of Captain Hook himself ...

Cap'n Hook himself

Meanwhile - walking the plank as every pirate knows ..

and Frantastic Crepes

So, better get ready for Curious Pastimes - no rest for the wicked 


Monday, 22 August 2016

22nd august 2016 - More Pirates

Thought for the day: "Knowledge is power. Power Corrupts. Study Hard . Be Evil!" (Loki)

Start of another week and so the profile covers can change again ...

And getting ready for the 20th anniversary of Curious Pastimes Roleplay ... 

Seems Vollsanger did not make it into the time line story - but I think that is fair - he has not fully affected the plot and story line which is what it is all about - though Agna the Healer gets a mention in the rituals ...

So - a couple more Pirate Pictures to kee us going...

another day ....

Sunday, 21 August 2016

21st August 2016 - Back for a few days

Thought for the day: "If only I could lose weight as simply as I lose my keys, my phone, my pen, my temper and my mind …"

So.. been  a pirate weekend.. 
Too tired to Blog - so here are a few photos ...

Glass of Chateau 41??
And a dinner of home grown duck - don't mind if I do !

Saturday, 13 August 2016

13th August 2016 - Weekend ? Don't talk to me of Weekends

Thought for the day: "The first 60 years of Childhood are the worst"

So, housework completed, and family arrived -
Tired is not really the word for it ..
But a lovely dinner this evening  and a bottle of (not Chateau 41) wine...
Not sure I can survice many more weekends..

Another gallery of photos put on line  - completing this year's Mythodea selection..

Tomorrow - off to Bala

And so....

Friday, 12 August 2016

12th August 2016 - So - Housework it is

Thought for the day: "It is Friday - tonight I shall become a hero and rescue some gin from a bottle …."

Seems to have got too late for the Gin and Tonic - not sure how that happened!
Today has been a day of housework and clearing the surfaces and getting ready for an influx of family - as I go to bed I have a daughter, a grandchild, a sister and a brother in law in the air, another daughter setting up base camp at Bala, a sailing dinghy drying with the last coat of varnish, a clear house,  and only the floor of the kitchen to repair, and the wires behind the computer to cover - oh and find a way to get a mattress from teh warehouse back to the house...   A simple day I think...

Meanwhile - managed to get the first video on line

and set the first 130 photos into a gallery ...

Pimms and Bacon and Eggs

Mona Mour - "Mona Mour of the Jollie Rouge"

Heard the Cry of the Viinshar - Lost her to the Void

Der Abtei

Ramonjii Windlillie "Dance for Me"
So .. goodnight
Cheers !

Thursday, 11 August 2016

11th August 2016 - that will be 43 years then ..

Thought for the day: "I love the way the world rotates - it really makes my day"

A domestic day - housework and clearing.. and in fairness some parts are well past their due dates...
We have secondary glazing in the living room downstairs and I will behonest and accept that I have been scared to touch it as it loks as though it will fall apart...  Tried releasing a pane and found it very difficult ... I took the old adage - If it should move and it doesn't WD40... and sprayed a bit around...
Lo and behold - the panes moved allowing us to wash the inside of the window for the first time in (probably at least) 25 years - also finding the pieces of broken glass that occurred when a pane was broken some 20 years ago... 

But now the Bathroom is finished, top room redecorated, main room cleared and (once again) de-clutterfied - I can get into at least one corner that has not been seen for years ... Sewing room changed into a spare room ... and ready to sit down and have a little rest ....


Still - a dinner with veg from the garden and a glass of Chateau 41  - can't really fault life ...

Especially as it is our Wedding anniversary - 43 years today - or 45 years from our fictional wedding allowing us to go to Austria for an "early" honeymoon...

 Seem to have 141 "likes" for this and 175 likes for this image - with a multitude of comments

So ...   another year - and still talking and working together side by side - can't fault it...
And while I am too tired to sort the photos from the week away 

Just a couple of those photos to keep us going...

Loved this guy - brought along a horn - nothing unusual in that - until he started playing and it was a harmonica...
 And so he showd the secret - he had dug into the horn and set a harmonica

 The crew from the Heilege Crabbe

 And the morning after

So - I raise a glass of Chateau 41 ..