Thursday, 9 May 2019

9th May 2019 - Taking a rest with the Lurgy

Thought for the day :"I went upstairs to get some medicine- think I am coming down with something."

Was time to change some profiles again ...

One from the Past

and the Bardenheim / Alcolumitarium
One advantage with having a photographer as friend is that when you offer to provide him with a photographic Studio in a field, you can ask him to take a photograph of you ...

Justin Mckie is an excellent photographer and he decided to bring all his kit to Curious Pastimes Event One. Now I will be the first to admit that the set up was silly - in that it took me almost 7 hours to complete. When I do it in Germany - I take it easy - do a bit and then have a beer. Get the frame up and cover it with clipped canvas, and have a beer. Do a bit of dressing - stroll off to the Tross and have a beer. Wake up next morning and finish.

For me the week was a little more busy. Monday was Lliedi Mark and I still have not done the minutes yet!! Tuesday was the Court of Castell Penfro, and I ended up doing much of the ritual and organisation. Sadly - I should also have been in Leicester for my Scarlet Mantle - or the Masonic Order of King Alfred as it is now called. But that would have been silly - I shall get that in October.

Wednesday was a day off - or rather the day to get everything ready for going to Curious Pastimes.

Thursday - early trip on the train to London. Decided that I would use my first class tickets and take a leisurely day out. So off to London and was appointed Grand Standard Bearer (Active) and had a lovely meal and quiet trip back by first Class.

Friday - early start and Bothy and Trailer (Have to think of a name for that - perhaps Bertie)  and drive to Paccar in the Chalfonts. Getting there at just after 2pm - I got straight into the set up.
Justin arrived about 5pm and started setting his cameras, but I did not get to finish the tapestries and everything until almost 9pm. After a few photos - I played the new Bar for a couple of hours but it was so cold that I had to stop before time out as I could not feel the guitar strings !!!

Saturday - was an early start and a drive to Stroud for the Provincial Meeting of Wessex (Order of Athelstan). Meeting, meal and trip back to Chalfont and after a quick nap - back to some photographs and playing the Tavern - which may or may not be called the "Half Way Inn" and entertaining the troops.

Some of the photos were amazing...

And of course - if you have a photographer on site - and you have been to a Masonic meeting, then you may as well take advantage of the situation ...

But take down was also very tiring - especially after a full weekend - Currently thinking that it is time to retire Bertha - but then again I will probably change my mind by August !!

And so it goes ...

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