Thursday, 10 May 2012

May 8th 2012 - The Weather Gods are Smiling..

Tuesday... Rain all through the night and the glade is quiet this morning. Dee and Mark are still here as is Joe from "Having a Larp" - but the glade is once more saturated. The trailer is pulled up to the side of the tent - on a slight downhill to the road and the van is on the only solid piece of ground in front of us - ready for loading.
Decision early is that we will have to split the tents into section in order to store them.
Also looking at the extra stock - I have serious considerations about taking a load to Nancy and coming back - but decide to give it a try first. We can always load and see how the trailer tows and remove extra stock if necessary.

Load goes well - and though a very tiring day - we manage to get the whole thing packed away into the trailer and van. We are very heavy but do not seem to be running too low.
Weather Gods shine on us again - the rain holds off all day and by the time the top comes down - the breeze has dried it to the extent that it can be packed in once piece, The Sides are also drying well by the time that they are folded. Bot bone dry - but only dampness at the edges. They will need to come out when we get home - but they are not soaked and they are not heavy. (well not that heavy!!)

Leave the trailer at PACCAR and head for Nancy's. We are both very dirty and very tired. We did very little pack down last night - so we have done the whole 4 master plus two in less than 12 hours.
We are going to feel it tomorrow I think.

9pm by the time we get to Aylesbury for shower and  a hot meal. And a night inside - strange how hot the house feels ......

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