Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May 23rd 2012 - Nothing important happened today

It's official - looked through the entire pages of History Orb and could find nothing of any real significance that happened today. Maybe I should take the rest of the day off !!!.

Spent a while cleaning the adverts from the Irish Pub Radio downloads.. Got some new words from songs which I will have to work on sometime in the future. Contacted my Wine supplier Vitis Wines, and decided that I was probably carrying enough stock to last me into July.

Uploaded sets of photographs to Webshots for safe storage in the could and copied to back up hard-drives.
Managed to Clear the Nelly Wedding Photos and the CP PACCAR photos from the desktop - giving me a little more space. Added another 30 or so to the LARP-AID Gallery.
Weather a little overcast - meaning that Susie cannot test the solar water heater properly - so she will be thinking about final repairs upon the last middle sections of the marquees. We will need the full set for the Jude & Ant Fest over the Jubilee weekend.  That meant I had to clear space in the living room again so that we can spread the canvass out.   Ho Hum - loading it up - taking it down - loading it up - taking it down.. Should be losing more weight by now - though am down to 14 stone 7 which is a stone and a bit loss since we started the season.

Contemplating opening a link to the blog from the websites. Susie read it yesterday and seemed to enjoy - so it may be something to consider.
Decided to add to the Crimson Moon Website :

Weather picking up and the water tank outside has hit 42 degrees - warm enough for a shower.
Up to the dump - sorry the Civil Amenity site - to get rid of the garden greenery. Susie has cut down the Honeysuckle that was overgrowing her veg and weeded various other parts of the garden so it all had to go to the dump.

Day turned into a day of frustration!!  In setting the link onto the Crimson Moon pages - found that Facebook had changed all the addresses for the galleries - so the Cool Iris photo gallery links on the gallery pages all failed - with a notice saying that the Facebook Images could not be displayed. So all the Photo Galleries were blown in one shot...
It may be that not many people actually look at the galleries - but it is the window upon the business and very frustrating to find that all the pages are defunct. Tried to add to the new links - and failed to the most part. Opened up a new Flikr account - cos I could not find the link to the old one - and starting to upload all the pictures to FLIKR instead - though there is a monthly limit on upload - so may have to go for a premium account  if the worse comes to the worst ... But means loading the photos to a third location and linking in that fashion. However the Cool Iris app is effective and looks good - so will be worth the trouble - I hope !!

Manged to get through the intricacies of FLIKR registration - requires you to take a yahoo account now and sign off the seventh generation to debt and despondency - but that is their problem !! ..   Also restricted to 300 MB - which was not even one gallery - so had to sign up and pay for a pro account...  But the galleries are working - and it will free me form Facebook - once I have reloaded ALL the galleries ...    oh well - just as well I had a couple of days off ...

Looks as though I will not get around to looking at the accounts and paying bills today .
Van in for MOT tomorrow  - so will be pacing the room waiting to see what needs doing !! and can upload a little tomorrow

Better have a little drinkie before bed ... Night !!

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