Tuesday, 22 May 2012

May 22nd 2012 - There are 223 days remaining until the end of the year.

Van touch up completed and a good wash all over. Hammerite paint all over my hands - but at least I won't rust.
Collected the Fleeces and T Shirts from the supplier - will have to post the T shirts off, first thing in the morning I think.
Found Pimms at £10 a litre in Morrisons and Bells at £15 a litre. Restricted to 6 bottles per customer - but there were only 4 bottle of Pimms and  1 bottle of Bells left !!  Pimms looked strange. The 70cl bottles were next to the litres at £15 - with the litres at £10.

Spent a while in the sun - and will have to go and photograph the garden so Susie can post on her galleries.
Put a couple of cans of lager into the fridge - could be refreshing later on.

Susie meanwhile is reconstructing her solar water heater for the Jude Ant fest next week. Thinking of making a ram pump as well if she can get a non return valve. That will enable us to pump water form the river up to the marquee - and then she can heat it in her construction. Sounds like a plan!!

Done the stock check of the Wines and Meads - moved 16 Meads and 26 Country Wines which isn't bad considering that there was plenty of wine on the tables and a full reception drink before hand.
Stock check doesn't include the running stock of Spirits - so listing £3K of stock in hand at present.

Dinner this evening included a sauce made with Black Beer & Raisin Vitis wines - she had run out of Marsala - so used it instead. I think we will have to open up a cookery page on the Crimson Moon Website - "Cooking with Country Wines"..   was excellent. Glass of wine and a touch of the Eurovision Song Contest. Can't help wishing that the Russian Grannies win this year. I just think that the Contest deserves it !!

Facebook just kicked me out and made me log in again - and then told me that feedback had been received that I was trying to link to friends with whom I was not acquainted  and made me remove all friend requests. In fact I was only aware of one that was out - and that related to the wedding - so not much problem - but not sure where the spam charge came from ....

Hit 18,000 hits on YouTube ...

Apparently it is World Goth day today ...   seemed a bit bright to me ...

Was reviewing the success of  TICTACTACTICS - the roulette naughts and crosses game that we trailed at the CP event at Paccar - and noted the photo

became how cold it was that event - with Pippa wearing a fur cloak during the middle of the day ....
Trying to find the creator of the game to give some positive feedback - but failing to find him at the moment - I was sure I "friended" him  - hmm maybe he complained ??

Sad late news .. just had an email from a police colleague - with whom I have had no contact since his retirement well before mine .. to inform me that an old colleague Peter young - who helped me build the early stages of Police Computing in Wales and pioneered the use of the PSION hand held computer in activity analysis has died after a short illness at home. I was not even aware that he was ill. I will be attending the funeral on Friday at Narberth. It is a tribute to Peter that a colleague emailed me after all this time - to make sure that I was aware...

Late night - so decided to finalise the last set of the Wedding Photos and store onto Webshots - my favoured cloud storage system  so i can archive them . Looked and saw that I had only processed a few of the LARP - AID Photos - so sorted another 50 or so to add to the website . Will have to update the main web pages soon...

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