Sunday, 13 May 2012

May 13th 2012 - Should be Cow Pie...

Okay - should be at the Young Farmer's Agricultrural Show at Dorking - called the Cow Pie
All the stock for it is in the living room but none will go to waste. Checking the stock is still on the list of to-do's.
Sun is showing so will probably be able to hose down the last two really mucky muddy sides, and get them dry.
Still surrounded by paperwork - but will look at that later today.
Also, the Kilkenny Cat - a local hostelry, has decided to start an afternoon "Open Mike" session called Sunday's Cool - from 4pm this afternoon . May drift down there to see what is happening.
Also scheduled to visit the in-laws and outlaws during the day.
Susie thinking of walking to Burry Port with the dogs - wants to start her Training for Hadrian's Wall and have me pick her up for the return journey. Sounds like a plan.

Posted a few pictures onto Facebook under the title "Bothvar Reclaims the Tavern for the Wolves"

Time to check the lists :
  1. Video from the "Packing for PACCAR"  photos (forgot to take setting up photos)
  2. Check accounts for outstanding bills
  3. Stock Check  
  4. Accounts - LARP-AID
  5. For Tomorrow - Find Oil for Bio-diesel
  6. For Tomorrow - Check on T Shirts / Baseball Caps / Fleece for Pippa / Polo for Bex 
  7. For Tomorrow -Chase Whisky from Bonded Warehouse
Drifted down to the Kilkenny Cat for an Open Mic session - did a few songs . Not been there before to play. Enjoyed - not the best set but only a few there. Ron Sticks & Picks insisted that I did the Auctioneer again !! Also Casey's last ride, Pubs of Aberystwyth, Hobbits. 

Updated a couple of previous blog entries from the event as I didn't have the chance while there...
Thursday May 3rd
Friday May 4th

11.30pm - didn't hit much on the list ..
Canvass sides washed and put away  - Result.

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