Wednesday, 22 April 2015

22nd April 2015 - No cars today - but Chickens galore

Thought for the day: "Some people are like clouds - when they go - everything is sunny"

Went to lok at a car today - down in Bridgend. got there and they sold it yesterday - and another that we might have looked at as well .. Seems there are only a few Terranos around at the moment ..

Appendent Orders in Bridgend went well - a nice ceremony and the Neath Conclavedid a good job - with some assistance from a couple of ringers like me ....

Susie managed to finish the pond - and it is clear and deep - strange to see fresh clear water in the pond - we have not seen that for a long time ..

The patio area is a little clearer now - though Susie's forest Arboratum is still growing in pots around the area and someone one day will have to relay the paving stones...  

Now the fence is down along the main garden section (no longer needed as the dogs no longer charge up and down and chase the chickens..)  and Susie with her new pond ...
And the pond liner was a little larger than we expected - in fact it could have managed a pond three times the size... we worked it out that we had calculated 5 metre by 3 1/2 metre by 1 metre deep ...  but of course it is only a metre deep in the middle and that is a stepped hollow - so in reality half of the depth was not really required...   We may be able to build a new pond in the next house...
Luckily we are not on a water meter!!

Beginning to take shape..

The sun shining on the new pond area..

Down the bottom of the garden the four chickies were showing an interest. We think that they are all boys - certainly they are starting to crow in the mornings. Always worried whether this affects the neighbours - our near neighbour said to Susie yesterday "haven't heard the crowing later" to which she replied - "Yes - he tasted good"  "Oh - rather liked hearing it in the back there "   Can't win !!!

While in the garage, the next brood are growing  - they are a couple weeks off being allowed out.. and there are more in the incubator..

Meanwhile, the girlies are enjoying all the extra earth and space and muck from the pond..

And we are all enjoying the unusual sunshine - and making the most of it ..

Nothing done on the business today  - tomorrow will be time to get back to work..

Glass of Scotch and off to bed methinks ..

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