Friday, 24 April 2015

24th April 2015 - Planning and Pottering

Thought for the day: "You shouldn't write with a blunt pencil...   Its Pointless !"

With the work and the planning for the next event at Curious Pastimes, I found the following cartoon posted on the boards and thought to myself "Yes - we probably resemble that remark!!"

Meanwhile, in a garden at our rear - the pond is developing nicely... With the pond liner duly trimmed and sorted and a few pieces of turf to get started (the rest of the garden has some grass seed down but it does not really seem to be taking very well. Even though the chickens are being kept off that part of the garden...  So I took a couple of piccies for posterity (certainly not prosperity - which is rather lacking at the moment !!)

Looking good !

Susie is at the Selwyn Samuel Centre this morning. The big anniversary Choir Concert is on tomorrow night and though the centre has got the staging, no-one had thought about covering the front and making it look tidy - ready for a large concert with some guy called Paul Potts who apparently won a TV show.  So she has taken a load of material down and bought more gaffa tape and is making it all presentable. She has the Flower arrangements to do tomorrow - also off her own volition.  At least we both keep ourselves active.

So - Bookers it is and Lyme Bay - best check the stock levels 

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