Saturday, 15 December 2018

15th December 2018 - Relations and Storms

Thought for the day : "Mixed my tipp-ex with my Viagra – had a huge correction"

Found this useful little section on working out your cousins - so thought I would put it here.
I posted one similar back in February but this is a bit more pictorial and easier to read... The Cousin Explainer or Relations

And so a very wet Saturday - Storm Deirdre is attacking the North with lots of snow and rain and wind  - we are just getting the tail end - but it is wet and  miserable - I know - I had to go out into the rain to pick up the PA system for the Choir... and the skies opened... It can stay in the back of the car for a while - it may get brighter later .... 

Meanwhile on the xmas spirit...

Cheers !

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