Sunday, 20 May 2018

20th May 2018 - How Old ?

Thought for the day:"Why isn't "palindrome" spelled the same way backwards?"

Another sunny day and a Sunday as well. Off to Nant-y-ffyn for Sunday Lunch with the Mark Provincial team. The Chickens are almost all in the freezer - the last three to be cleaned today and the "layers" are all in the outside pen and enjoying the sunshine. That means I shall soon get the basement back again and after fumigating will probably be able to think about recording again.

Took the dog for a walk to ease the pressure on the Chicken Factory yesterday. 'Thena seemed to enjoy..

a quick dip

wet dog

Who me ?

Yes there is a dog out there 

I managed to risk putting the television on this morning and almost managed a full ten minutes making a cup of tea without too much mention of the royal wedding. We can soon all get back to normal I hope and be re-unindated (if that is a word) with Brexit news...   I think I may have to give up TV.  I understand why people can nowadays stick to Netflicks or similar.

Apparently I have today been alive for 23,469 days - Susie decided to check this sort of thing first thing this morning - who would have guessed ? (there must be an app for that!)

Better Celebrate with a glass of Chateau 41

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