Wednesday, 9 May 2018

9th May 2018 - Back Home - And the book is out for Saturday

Thought for the day:"There was a rumour about the butter - but I don't want to spread it"

Well, back from CP 1 and did not take a single photograph... Somehow the time just ran away from me - no doubt Peter will supply me with some soon  -
In the meantime I have a video from LARP Book to share - not sure if it will stay there - but I will try to get a download in due course...

Meanwhile the interesting journey was from 28 degrees in the blazing sunshine in London which lasted until the Severn Bridge, then pouring rain - and I had to put the heater on in the Bothy across  Wales until reaching Llanelli where it brightened up again and got hot !!

Crazy Weather !!!

In other news it is apparently Appreciate you Teacher day ...
So I thought we may appreciate this little note from 1872....
Rules for teachers

Cheers !!!

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