Thursday, 3 May 2018

3rd May 2018 - Off to CP For a few days

Thought for the day :"Theres's a nudist convention in town - I may go if I've nothing on"

A great day in London in Mark Mason's Hall, though it was very busy - I think it may have been Market Day or something ... but the opportunity for the Candidates form South and West Wales to pose for a second with their bright new 4th Grade Jewels....... 

A nice carvery for dinner but a long day - 8.30am start and 1.30am finish in a taxi as the trains had stopped at Swansea ....

Am now waiting for the Bothy to charge up enough to get on the road to PACCAR for Curious Pastimes event one - meanwhile we wait for someone to come and pick up my father in law's car  - looks as though we have managed to sell it after all - fingers crossed !!!

And then I shall probably be off line for a few days - it happens on event

Cheers !

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