Wednesday, 16 May 2018

16th May 2018 - Pictures and Politics

Thought for the day:"If a tortoise loses its shell is it naked or homeless?"

Decided to annoy everyone that I know with a picture... It attacks every nerd I know ...

But while we are the subject of things not being as they seem - I found this interesting picture and if you look closely they are right - the two blocks are exactly the same colour... 

But we are heading for the weekend - and the conversation in the kitchen was :
Me: "Oh dear - the Royal Wedding is on this Saturday - Sadly I shall miss it..."
Sue: "Oh?? Where are you going?"
Me: "I haven't decided yet.."

Meanwhile - The move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem is causing riots and death among Palestinians - 60 shot yesterday apparently - I do not follow the news so much these days - it just sits int he background repeating Brexit every three minutes - but some news coverage is accurate ..

Cheers !

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