Tuesday, 1 May 2018

1st May 2018 - Not off to London After all

Thought for the day:"Complimented on my driving today - Nice note on the windscreen said Parking Fine so someone approves"

So another Month starts - we are into May already.
Waiting on the phone hoping for a call that someone wants to buy my father in law's car - SORN today and the insurance no longer covers so we can't use it any more.

Crimson Moon - Event One (CP)

Vollsanger - Week 16

Me in my Chow Rich
Always time for new images ...

Of course - age may be catching up on me. All set to go to London today to get my fourth grade in the Scarlet Cord. Tickets ready. Alarm set - but check the train times because there are delays around Newport... And look for the summons which clearly says 2nd May - not the 1st...   Wednesday not Tuesday!  So check the tickets, small amount of panic that I had once again managed to book the wrong day but no - they are for the 2nd as well - so I have a day in the house !!

Off in the morning to London !!

Ho Hum !

Cheers !

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