Monday, 14 May 2018

14th May 2018 - Barton and a Little family History

Thought for the day: "They've arrested the world tongue-twister champion - I hear they're gonna give him a really tough sentence."

#Family History

It seems that I have a happy wife. The 1939 survey has come out - the one where they decided to list where everyone was at the outbreak of the war. I did not even know such a thing existed, but it seems to be a very useful tool.

In particular, she found that listed in the pages were her family in Barnswood Road Burnt Oak - except her father was not listed. Her Grandmother and Grandfather and her Uncle Bert were all listed but no Victor Edward Payne - who would have been eleven years old at that time.

And then it became clear - it was at the age eleven that he had appendicitis - and was taken to hospital....  His recollection was that he had the bad pains and as they started down the road a neighbour found a small push chair to put him in - and they started off towards the Old Age home with a view top trying top get to the hospital. At the Old People's home they stopped them and called an ambulance and he was whisked of to the Great Ormand Street Hospital. They refused to allow his father to travel with them.  The next thing he recalls was that he woke up in the hospital bed and his parents were there - either through tube or bus - we will never find out.

So the next problem was where did he got to convalesce???   A search of the records finds him in Hearne Bay in the St Anne's Convalescent Home for Children - his only real recollection is that he was not allowed to play with the other boys !!! 

Another Sunny day in Barton - the dog seems to approve of the large lawn and is lying in the sun.
I am on my second cup of tea and have no ritual to learn.....

Happy Days  

Cheers !
at least he doesn't whine !!

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