Sunday, 21 October 2018

21st October 2018 - Food !!! and Travel !! And Jam First

Thought for the day:"Today I came out to find my bicycle was gone. Police arrested a guy for peddling stolen goods."

Been on the road. Chepstow, then Bangor, for Athelstan  then Gloucester for a friend's Birthday...
Done a lot of mileage and listened to a lot of Black Company Audible Books ...

Back now with a Sunday Dinner in my tummy, grand-kids in the house and ready for a nice glass of scotch and put feet up ...

Until tomorrow early - off to Surbiton - Athelstan again ..
So not much to say really

Other than - I do not normally take photos of my dinner - but this was the plate of meat at the festive board in Bangor... the half chicken was bigger than the plate - must admit - it beat me !

And in other news  - a trump ... Cornwall and "Jam First"

And thought this may be worth keeping

A gert big step for Crnwall

So - another day - another dollar (spent!)

Cheers !

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