Sunday, 7 October 2018

7th October 2018 - Mark My Words!!

Thought for the day:" This is a really bad spell of wether."

I read in the papers that the Ammanford Boar's festival is sadly cancelled again this weekend. It was cancelled earlier on because of the weather - and apparently the Council have decided that the ground has not improved enough to allow the event to go ahead...

Wouldn't mind really but the Herald decided to use my photo - so I suppose no copyright that I can prove !!   but I must say - it does look good ...

In other news - went to Aberaeron last night for a Mark Meeting. An excellent lecture given by Prestonian Lecturer Paul Calderwood, and Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master in South Wales Mark on the early history of Mark Masonry - its trials over being either accepted by United Grand Lodge - or in the end establishing itself as a Sovereign Order. 

But I also managed to find the original Register of Marks for the Lliedi Mark Lodge 820 in Llanelli of which I am the secretary....  And in it are the register of all members since 1925 until, sadly, it seems to have been set aside in 2007...

And the first founders were of course already members - so their marks were from Manselll Lodge from Carmarthen no 116.

following on I noted that a Frederick Lidgley - who turns out to be a single man and a mechanical engineer who perhaps had a working address at 17 New Road - the section of road that now houses the nursery - where the house numbers from 13 to 27 are missing...  resided at 41 New road ...   where I live now!

And, indeed, the lists continued as more members joined and in 1986 the mark of one Iain Weston Sewell is duly recorded...

I now am in possession of the minute books from 1975 to present - the first ones all hand written of course and the latest all on computer. It is such a change in such a short time.


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