Monday, 15 October 2018

15th October 2018 - Harry Potter and the Dance Off

Thought for the day :"Harry Potter mistook his cooking pot for his best mate – they are both cauldron"

Daily Scaly -

On other news - I do not really like this sort of thing usually, I have a great antipathy to Strictly Come Dancing and other Dance shows  - but was particularly taken by this "dance-off" by Arizona's Walden Grove High School...

So if we are on the subject of Harry Potter - there are a couple of interesting points int his little expose - other than the annoying fact that the Americans did not know what a Philosopher's Stone was and decided that they wanted a Sorcerer's Stone instead...  luckily not in this expose...

and so, it seems I know nothing of the Dark Arts ....

I'll drink to that

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