Monday, 8 October 2018

8th October 2018 - TPAC and Crime Stoppers

Thought for the day:"I think Exit Signs are on the way out"

What on earth???
Well I don't know about you - but this looks like they used a road block !! 
Startling innovations in policing !

Because I was slightly involved in such things in my past - I can read that there is reference to TPAC - which is a system for stopping vehicles - normally on main roads or motorways - where by the car is boxed in on all sides and then the cars all slow down together leaving the offender with nowhere to go - this picture looks like it was a lane !!!   
I was always one to support good use of the press for policing - but this is ridiculous - just saying...

this is what TPAC looks like 


and to see a classic stop in real life - look here 

Not a road block in a lane !!!!!

But if you enjoy police chases - I like this one as a good example of how things have changed over the years - in this you can hear the police driver continually making the assessments as to whether the chase remains "proportionate" - the road surface is dry - the traffic is light - and there is a supervisor in a control room who has no vision of what s happening who has to make a continuing decision whether to call the chase off .... I remember those days in my later career - being responsible for those who had to make those decisions - a fatal crash and a career could be on the line by those not there - who can make decisions in the cold light of day - sometimes I am glad that I did the job I did - but gladder to be retired...

on other crime fronts... no good deed goes un-punished (probably fake)

Now why do I say that it is fake  - well I found this one as well

Oh well - must be staged - but I like it ...

And so - Cheers !

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