Thursday, 11 October 2018

11th October 2018 - Royal Icing on the Cake

Thought for the day:"My mug just broke – I just can’t handle it!"

I am not a republican. I am not anti-royalist. I just don't care much. I am happy to toast the Queen after dinner - though it will be admitted that on most occasions it is by passing the glass over a jug of water - the Jacobite Toast to the monarch "across the water" - but I have no real antipathy.
I understand those who say that huge amounts of money are wasted on keep the family in the manner to which they have become accustomed. I also understand the theory that they do great things for international relations and are a boost to industry. I just don't really care.

So when it was mentioned that there was a Royal wedding this week I was very much of the spirit of "oh really? Who?"
Now it wasn't really a question or to put it another way it could be classed as a rhetorical question - not really needing an answer - but answer it was and I was informed it was Eugenie.  Well the name struck some sort of memory - I recall it being a silly name when I heard it - but that did not seem to be so long ago. "So - who is she then?" - Apparently York's daughter, "So which is York?"

I know it is not one of the ones running the Masonic Fraternity - I toast them as well in the form of the Grand Master. I get them confused though - they are brothers and one looks like one of the old Kings with a bushy beard and the other doesn't - but which is which is less likely to be correct.  Prince Michael of Kent for the Mark Degree and Edward Duke of Kent (No beard)

So I get confused because there is much more information about Harry and the other one - urr - it will come back to me ..  so I am probably in the right generation but I get a clue that York was probably Andrew because he married thingummy bob who I correctly guessed to be Fergie....

So I got there in the end - apparently Eugenie is the daughter of Andrew and Thingummy bob and she is getting married. And to whom? 

Well apparently Jack something or other  - but ...

"Jack Brooksbank, the former manager of Mayfair club Mahiki, met the princess when she was 20, on a skiing trip to Verbier in the Swiss Alps.
The tequila brand ambassador, 32, said it was "love at first sight".
He was educated at a public school in Buckingham, Stowe School. A former pupil is businessman Sir Richard Branson.
He worked in bars and pubs for several years and once said his dream was to start a chain of pubs. "

Beginning to like him already !!

But needless to say - I shall not be watching television on the 12th - oh  that is tomorrow !!!

On other weddings I recently posted a wonderful cake for a friend's Viking Wedding. (link)

In the news is the court case that has resulted in the Irish Baker being found not guilty of discrimination when they decided that they did not want to decorate a cake with a positive Gay Marriage slogan - decision being that it was not because of the gay person requesting - but because of the concept - and no business should be forced to endorse a concept with which they do not agree with for religious or political reasons etc...  Personally - I would not want to give my money to a company that was clearly bigoted - but the complainant was an activist and obviously felt there was a principle involved...

But on my feed I saw the results of someone sending information to the cake shop of what they wanted for their cake...  and they sent the information upon a USB stick...   Of course, not everyone is computer savvy - and it seemed that the baker did not quite realise that the design was "in" the USB - and took it literally instead.......

I think they did a great job....

Have a good day (it is raining here after being in the 70's yesterday!)


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