Wednesday, 19 September 2018

19th September 2018 - Viking Weddings

Thought for the day:"I sit down too much, I understand"

Had a good day at a viking wedding for Andrea and Sedge...  A night in the Bothy and a good time had by all

I must say that the cake is outstanding - being a chip off the old block literally !

and a personal goblet for each guest ...

A lovely Venue at Cripp's Barn ...

Apart for a great site, they were very attentive and smooth in their approach to the wedding. With one small hiccough!!  I misheard the original statement that the reception would be in the main barn - it was set up for the ceremony and the additional room was set up for the dining ....

And so I set up my PA system in the additional room - and asked for a sound check.. It was only after the ceremony that I saw them take all the tables form the additional room into the barn and lay them out....  and so had to replace all my speakers and mics and mixers... 

But all was well - just an annoying addition to the day... I had done all the set up before getting into costume and had managed to get cool again - after lugging all the kit I was burning up again !!!

But the venue was great - very smooth - lovely dinner - plenty of Mead and thought the disco was too loud for me as usual - that was down to the wedding party - the PA system was great - I could have used it myself - but was happier with my own kit...

 the "other room"

 The Barn - set up for the ceremony

 The grounds

 Dining in the Hall

 View from the Firepit

  Vollsanger - Here all Week  

Back home now - working on the photos 

Cheers !!

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