Saturday, 22 September 2018

22nd September 2018 - A Trust for helping those needing Hospital Transport

Thought for the day :"I went to an AA Meeting – but they had no batteries at all!"

Provincial Meeting of Athelstan - Province of Magonsætan today in Aberystwyth.
We had an excellent double instruction last night in Hywel Dda Court - very impressive with all the officers working really hard at their ritual - impressive for our guests from Northumbria..

A high point was giving some cheques to Nerys, daughter of Dr John Benjamin Lloyd..

It is our hope to support her in setting up a Trust which will assist those in rural areas who find themselves at the wrong end of the NHS transport problems...

Dr John was a prominent Freemason and a mentor to many of us who have interests in that area. He was also a GP and spent his working life with the NHS. In his last year he underwent treatment and was visibly weaker - but still enthusiastic for his hobby and supportive of many through the charitable works associated with Freemasonry in many Orders.

He was returned to hospital in June of this year, and after examination he realised that there was nothing that could be done for him and that he would only receive palliative care. Something that his own medical knowledge told him, I understand that the staff at the hospital were less than informative.
John decided that he would prefer to return home, and be in his own environment, among his own family, and have a level of control of his last days. Sadly, it was Friday afternoon by the time that decisions were being made - and to get back to Aberystwyth, he would require an ambulance - and none would be available, certainly over the weekend, and possibly into the week ahead.
How many times are people faced with this problem? Not only for palliative care - but also for anyone else ready for discharge, but being informed that no transport is available so you have to stay in the Hospital. As Nerys says, it is very short sighted of the hospital, as it means that beds are tied up when unnecessary, stopping others from having treatment....

And John, weak in a hospital bed, would be unable to sort anything out or provide any alternative...
In his case, Nerys was able to make arrangements. They were lucky that they were able to afford to get a private ambulance for the journey. Instead of the whole weekend, a private ambulance was booked for the next morning and he was able to be at home on the Saturday... John was lucky that he had someone to help and organise, and also that he was in a position for the family to afford the costs which are not minimal.

Sadly, John passed away on the Sunday - but happily he was able to be home - and not sitting in a hospital ward wondering if he would ever get home.

The John Lloyd Trust is being set up by Nerys to fill that void. To provide the finances for those who are in a similar situation and cannot afford to fund that transport. To assist people who are at a stage of life where being told that you have to wait in unacceptable. Yes, I know that in a better world the NHS would provide that care and and make sure that the interests of the patent and the family are accommodated, but in the current world where we now live - this seems to me to be a very worthwhile step in the right direction.

On Friday Night we handed a cheque from the Hywel Dda Court for £250, and the Provincial Grand Master of the Order of Athelstan give a similar cheque from the our Province of Magonsætan.

And colleagues were there to offer a further cheque from the Order of the Secret Monitor helping to boost the start of this fund...

Our collection in the Provincial meeting ( a rare collection in this order as all members must be fully subscribed members of the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch where Charity contributions are already in place) also raised over £200 for the funds...

We all wish Nerys well with her task ahead ...

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