Sunday, 18 February 2018

18th February 2018 - The Earth Moved !!

Thought for the day:"The worst pub I ever went to was called The Fiddle. It was a vile inn."
Not sure if this will link in the future so I have asked for a copy so I can put it onto Youtube - but here are the Vlammende Adelaars singing Laars Trekking 

Meanwhile we had an earthquake here yesterday...

Epicentre near to Clydach - not far from us so not surprised that the ornaments shook in the glass cabinet. It was enought to get me out of my chair and go and check the doors of the cabinet - had no thought of tremors at that time - just intrigued...

 and some data that popped up - whatever that means ..
But we survived so that is a blessing ..

But we will survive

The earth moved - I will drink to that

UPDATE: Found out the cause!!

Cheers !!

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