Monday, 5 February 2018

5th February 2018 - Water Troughs and Road Works

Thought for the day:"I opened an e-mail this morning that said, "At Google Earth we can read maps backwards!" But I know spam when I see it. "

Gas Board Update...
Monday morning and the road heads for another anniversary.
Traffic Lights are back out - still a three-way as the problem still seems to be at the junction with Harries Avenue. On van has turned up and it looks like the digger is back - but there isn't a second van full of people to watch him digging yet.. so no activity in sight.

No reply from Germany yet in relation to my suggested interview  but early days yet - I think ...

So - as the road works continue ( and the update is that a van finally arrived at about 1pm though I cannot see what if any work was achieved) I received a lovely article regarding the Water Trough at the junction of West End and New Road..

The details are here from local historian Lyn John - The Fountain

Since the original research and writing up of this article, new information has come to light indicating that the fountain was installed at West End, Llanelli, circa 1886
The West End Fountain – A correspondent suggests that something be done to keep dry the base of the new fountain, otherwise its would-be drinkers cannot approach without first donning sea-boots! The same gentleman adds: Are our Board of Health prepared to receive sealed tenders for the purchase of our elder, broken- hearted fountain, as I have heard a few football players say it would be a boon to a thirsty team on Stradey Park.
Llanelly Guardian 2 Sept 1886

when they demolished the house they left the trough there for a while 
And the Ordnance Survey shows the smithy opposite
Bet they didn't dig the roads up as much in those days !!

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