Saturday, 24 February 2018

24th February 2018 - Boats and Burns night bulletins

Thought for the day:"I drank Bud for 12 months - it was a lite year"

Was looking for yachts earlier today, as you do if you can't afford one and came across this fine picture of the yacht anchored outside Agios Nikolais Harbour last year. Belongs to abramovich apparently and wasn't as expensive as I thought being only in the 100 million range ...

It was quite impressive when you saw how small the helicopter on the roof looked.

Oh well - other people's worlds. I had an enjoyable day at the Divisional meeting of the Military and Masonic Order of the Red Cross of Constantine in Bridgend. Nice meeting, good food, and good company. What more could anyone want ...

Nice write up in the West Wales Mason - okay - I wrote it but it is still nice..

Not much else in the news today other than a cold snap on the way - glad we have some central heating...


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