Tuesday, 20 February 2018

20th February 2018 - Relations Listing and Daffodils

Thought for the day:"Stranger put his hand in my chest and threw one of my vital organs in a pond...my heart sank!"

It is that point in the week when the cover pictures are changed once again.

In other thoughts - I found an interesting sheet that purports to explain all those relations that you have - those First Cousins twice removed and such like ... Once again - for the interests of finding stuff in the future I place it here in the central repository of all things large and small
Relations and Naming

And after the weekend a few pictures of the Choir Daffodil Ball. Beautifully laid out and all the ornaments were hand made by a choir member - simple but most effective in their effect.

a good night was had by all and it looks as thought £2,850 was raised for Marie Curie - well done everyone.

and with this thought I lift my glass to you...

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