Saturday, 3 February 2018

3rd February 2018 - Parking and Paths...

Thought for the day:"I know what I will be doing in two years - I have 20 20 vision"

Many will know that I spend some time with a little gallery for people who park their cars without much in the way of consideration for others.. I get a lot of challenges for this. Some decide that I am making assumptions about people and do not know what their particular circumstances are - and yes - they are right... But for the most part I do not care. I think that most of the inconsiderate parking reported to me is down to behaviour of the drivers involved. And if it is not - then it still highlights an issues that I still see as important.

It started with my concern for people who want to use the pavement and should have a priority for this. Then add the ones who have a push chair or pram ( I know the latter is hardly used these days but still applies). And then add the wheelchair - particularly the electronic type which give a a level of mobility to people who would otherwise be very restricted...

Then add the parked car on the pavement which means that the pedestrian, wheelchair of push chair must risk the dangers of the road to pass them - instead of maintaining the safety of the pavement ...

Yes this leads me onto Tesco and Supermarkets and failing to park in bays - and all those complaints about the bays not being big enough - though I can get the Bothy into most supermarket car parks.

But my local authority has decided to go for extreme booking in the local area. They are booking into the areas that were previously open parking. For example - for the last couple of years in Harries Avenue, there have been 4 parking bays outside the Masonic Hall. All other areas are clearly marked with paint upon the ground "Resident Parking / Permit Holders Only" and signs to enforce. This area has always been clear. But over the last couple of weeks they put a sign up - stating restricted parking to permit holders only. They did not add any painting to the ground. Indeed they did not actually TELL anyone...  A question to the Council showed that they were well aware of the problem - I am sure they are after booking all the cars parking there - I am sure they will all have complained... shows that apparently after 2007 they do not need to paint on the ground - indeed - due to costs, they will not be updating the line markings in the future. And they can legally book !!

I have applied to get a resident permit as I live close - but we shall see what they say.

Btw - gas board still here ! No traffic lights. No actions (it is weekend after all)
Signs and warnings and restrictions still there - so am expecting more work on Monday - or at least a presence !! 

Meanwhile at the Swimming Pool they have installed pa and display machines. They have decided to give 3 hours free parking - but you have to know to press the green Button - without putting and money in - to get a ticket - 'cos if you do not have a ticket and park properly between the lines - then you will get a ticket. And two operatives have been around the car park every day slapping tickets everywhere. I am slightly ambivalent I must say ....

But the reason that I started this comes back to me occasionally. I am told ( I cannot prove ) that the workmen from this van refused to move... 

I will just leave this here..

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