Tuesday, 6 February 2018

6th February 2018 - Its Snowing but Not on the Wall

Thought for the day: "Djinn and Gin - they are the same - both Spirits in Bottles"

yup - its snowing .. not hard - don't think it will stick - but it is snow.
Gas Board Update :
Traffic Lights are still here- one van and a lorry but I think the snow is preventing any real work.
Sorry - just a van the lorry was waiting at the traffic lights.
Went out last night and there is a hole in the ground - a new one just a little further down the road towards West End.

In other building news - apparently this is true today

28 years, two months and 27 days 

Do you begin to feel old at all???
It seems like yesterday that it fell - but only for those like me - there are generations of friends who are not as old as the wall - but I found it interesting.


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