Tuesday, 27 February 2018

27th February 2018 - No Snow

Thought for the day:"Necromancers are just healers who do not give up"

So, got my Germany trip confirmed today - and so I will be heading out for Mythodea again this year,. Also sat down with Aled from the Cadno Studio to start looking at the mix on the tracks - at least he did not throw me out of the shop ...  so have given him three tracks to take away and look at...

Meanwhile the rest of the country seems to be having snow - while we are cold here but no sign of the white stuff.  Was meant to be heading for Twickenham tonight and stay over for meeting tomorrow - but we are driving down tomorrow early instead. Best think about an early night I suppose - though I won't be driving I reckon.

Will pack the warm woollies in case of snow on the way...

Meanwhile we are attempting to keep the cold out of the room by doing a double glazing scheme which involves a large piece of Cling Film over the window - we tried Susie's window today - if it works then we will try another one tomorrow...

Best get back to the minutes for last night's meeting.
No rest for the wicked !!!


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