Sunday, 4 February 2018

4th February 2018 - A day with What's Your Game

Thought for the day:"To the guy who invented the zero… Thanks for Nothing"

A good day out at "What's Your Game" - the kit Fayre and LARP / Reenactment venue held in Gloucester - an opportunity to start this season with a few busking songs and a bit of playing around the halls.   Sadly, having got my nice new business cards - seems I forgot entirely to take them with me to hand out - FAIL!!!

And also took my camera but failed to get any photos - a bit of a rubbish day for marketing if you ask me!!!

But, met many friends from over the last 15-20 years so that was a good thing ...  though getting changed in the car into my full Vollie Kit was interesting ans it was very cold out there !!

But - I suppose the season has started ...


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