Friday, 16 February 2018

16th February 2018 - when I'm 64 -

Thought for the day:"Went out to a very posh dress up dinner dance last night, all went well till the waiter spilt the dessert all over me! Yes I had pudding on my top hat, pudding on my white tie, pudding on my tails.  Admit it you are singing it now!"

A busy day and a trip to Bristol to watch the Post Modern Jukebox - a great trip out and thanks to Nancy and Family for the treat.  An opportunity to get dressed up and listen to some great music ...

Also was against a deadline for the weekend and a group called De Vlammende Adelaars - or Flaming Eagles who hail from Belgium - and I had promised them a song to cover their Battle Cry - which incidentally is "Beer & Titties" - though their commander does not approve and therefore they can never call it in front of him  - and so the challenge was to find a song that they could sing without upsetting the Commander - yet allowing them to know what they were singing is really the Battle Cry...

This seemed a fair challenge to bring to Mythodea in August - sadly they suddenly decided to have a banquet on the same weekend as my birthday  - and wondered if the song would be ready !! "of course" I lied -"it is almost finished"  (not even started !)

So with little time to go - the pen came out and the studio was re-built and the lap top retrieved and the song started ....  Two versions needed a mix - one with the offending words omitted and one with them there ...  And then - Thursday Night, after rehearsal!! , I go the video camera out and did four takes of singing the songs - and tried to lip-synch - not very well - but I was up against a time stricture!!

and so - we have the Battle Cry of the Flaming Eagles - Authorised Version ...

and the Barrack Room Version - "Beer & Tittles"

So - Happy Birthday Me !!!

And to celebrate - here is Puddles the Sad Clown - Royals


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