Monday, 1 January 2018

1st January 2018 - And here we go again...

Thought for the day:""If you're excited at finding your name on a coke bottle, then imagine how I feel every time I go B&Q" - Matt White

Start of another year...  A houseful of family. and the occasional small oasis of calm.  
A quiet New year, with no additional guests - other than some mysterious fellow who called just as we sat down for dinner and Freja answered with a "we are just sitting down to eat" so he went!! Have no idea who it was - but we would have brought you in and given you a glass of something while we ate - Honest!

And so we start the New Year...
an new Cover picture for pages ....

So whoever you were - we will see you again next year !!!
and on the subject of political promises for the ensuing year 

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