Sunday, 14 January 2018

14th January 2018 - Of Losses and Fair Grounds

Thought for the day : 'I must make the fire hotter' Tom Bellowed..

Sunday and a chance to breathe. Promised to get up and make a cup of tea - but the dog did not want to get up at early o'clock so managed to rest for longer than I expected. Finally got a cup of tea ready at the crack of quarter past ten !!

But tea is done - and ready for the next cup of tea.
Birthday wishes are done and facebook is checked.
Just need to avoid the big pile of paper to my left, and right and in front of me ... could be a paperwork day today - at least it ought to be if I stop procrastinating here ...

As we go into 2018 - it is perhaps a moment to look back upon 2017 and some of those famous people that were lost
this picture is not complete as it came out quite early in the autumn and there were more afterwards but it serves as a reminder...

And completely different but useful to put here for the saving - the Chinese go in for extremes it seems - particularly with their amusement parks ...

Enjoy :

So - if that does not make you feel sick !!

But it seems that they are out there - ...

or the ten deadliest roller coasters..

I shall now have my second cup of tea I think ..

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