Wednesday, 10 January 2018

10th January 2018 - Day two of Flat Clearance

Thought for the day:"'Let's play C, E  and G' Tom said with accord"

Day 2 of the great Flat removal - and I ache in all sorts of places that I wished I knew little about.
Biggest problem facing us at the moment is likely to be the birds nesting on the balcony - they are on another clutch - we are not sure how many but they do not stir even as Susie took down all the lights from the railings.

But most of the flat is now in boxes and much of the furniture is now in the warehouse or in boxes ready to be sorted in the house.

She enjoyed the flat - and we enjoyed making it a home for her ...  but now we have to move on and leave it for the next people....

And so we move onto week two and a few new pictures..

Have a good day ...

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