Thursday, 11 January 2018

11th January 2018 - All Gas and Gaiters

Thought for the day:"'I can't believe I ate that whole pineapple' Tom said dolefully"

So, another day in the flat methinks
Cold and bright day - and looks like the Gas workers are at it again a little further down the road. They arrived at the end of November and lifted the covers from two BT access pits, and left the lids off with a fence around them - and so it stayed until the second week of January.
Over the last two days they have been drilling test holes into the ground and seem to have found a  leak of some sort and fixed it - though it is less confidence- building to see that they have marked a large "TEMP" sign in red paint on the ground.

Yesterday they finished up and went away - today they are back a little further down the road.
Still with the same efficiency. Van turns up with two or three workmen - they sit in the van for a couple of hours until another van with the digger arrives. They all stay around until a lorry comes to pick up the earth - then a bit of work and I am sure they go for lunch...   And when you find a digger - then there is one person in the digger and three leaning in shovels to help...  And when one is in the hole - two others have to watch - like a security detail....

No wonder my gas bill is so high !

In other news - Apparently the Emperor Fu exists in D & D land..

So back to the flat - and it is now 6pm and we have finished ...  The carpets were thrown un-ceremoniously off the balcony and the flat is clear...
Well - except that there is a bird sitting on the nest and we think two eggs  - and we did not want to disturb her - so we still have the shelves and a mock - tree to protect her and we will have to go and get this stuff later when she has fledged...

And it was the eleventh - so one month today - and we went to the lighthouse at Burry Port Harbour and threw some roses into the outgoing tide...

It is there - honest 

Have a good day
Cheers !

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