Sunday, 21 January 2018

21st January 2018 - Down South again - Wet and Miserable

Thought for the day :" 'I keep shocking myself' Tom said revolted"

Back to the South Coast and I reckon it is about as wet and miserable as it can try to be .
Still - in the warm now and probably out to dinner tonight ...

Excellent meeting of Athelstan yesterday - another installation and so a new Masonic year starts for another team. Gave address after installation and managed to get through it without error so quite pleased - it is a nice piece when done properly ....

And for no other reason than I can - here is a little ditty about being too tall!!
"I would be in rapture - but its a matter of Stature!!
Dammit I'm too tall to be a hobbit"

Cheers !

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