Tuesday, 30 January 2018

30th January 2018 - All Gas & Sax

Thought for the day:""I manufacture tabletops for shops," said Tom counterproductively."

The Gas board are outside again. It all started back in November when they opened up the hatches on the Telephone Access man-holes (are we allowed to call them that these days?) Access Points, and left them over Christmas - presumably to stop the build up of Gas ...  Next door had a leak that was found and fixed - we think - and since then every week the road has been blocked off and traffic lights put int place and little holes dug into the ground to check for gas with syringe style gauges.

Well, they have been at the corner of Harris Avenue for three days and we have been clear - until this morning again. 10 am and the road signs are coming out again. They are digging up outside the playschool  (for the third time at least) and they have a digger and two vans with flashing lights.
And yes, the traffic lights are going in outside No 42.

I shall keep you posted.

In other news I saw this little snippet...

When he was 2 years old he fell out of a second story window and fractured his skull
When he was 6 years old , he mistakenly drank boric acid..
When he was 9 years old he fell off a small cliff and broke his leg
When he was 11 years old he contracted measles and was in a coma for nine days..
When he was 14 years old he broke his arm when he caught it in a carriage door..
When he was 19 years old he was struck on the head by a falling brick..
When he was 23 years old he almost died from the effects of tainted wine..
When he was 29 years old Adolph Sax invented the Saxophone
Clearly somebody did not want that Saxophone invented... 

That's enough of Sax for one day ....

Reminds me of the definition of a Gentleman  - " A man who knows how to play the bagpipes - but doesn't!"

Cheers !

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