Friday, 23 November 2018

23rd November 2018 - Gavels, Wigs and Green Fridays

Thought for the day:"If the human body is 80% water – I am not fat – I am flooded !"

Nice Trip to Carmarthen last night to see an Father and Son initiation, with a 50 years in Freemasonry award for the Great Uncle - a real family affair. St Teilo WM - Phil Williams led a delegation of 17 members (22 if you count the honorary members with joint membership)  and responded for the visitors and collected the travelling gavel which will now stay in Llanelli until it is picked up by another lodge.

WM - Phil Williams

The Traveling Gavel
Meanwhile - in other news ... it has been discovered where Trump grows his wigs...

In the USA it was thanksgiving yesterday which means apparently by default that today is Black Friday.... Why this should affect the UK I have no idea. we have managed to avoid thanksgiving with no problem at all - sadly it is clearly the economics of commercialism that leads to yet another US holiday being brought over the water ...   My feed is full of people discovering that their Black Friday Specials are actually more expensive than they were a few weeks ago...

I felt it only fair to add my own thoughts to this situation...

Seems about right...
Appendent Orders tomorrow morning and I need to get into the book ... and then off to Bangor for a medieval Banquet -

Cheers !

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