Friday, 9 November 2018

9th November 2019 - Of Clocks and Bells and Welshmen

Thought for the day:"My teeth have metal fillings – my fridge magnets pull me to the kitchen – No wonder I cannot lose weight !"

We all know that Big Ben is the Bell and not the Clock as often referenced.. but...

'Big Ben' is named after a Welshman ( I didn't know that)
Born on this day 1802 - Sir Benjamin Hall, 1st Baron Llanover
As First Commissioner of Works responsible for Government building projects, Hall’s work included the rebuilding of the Houses of Parliament and the installation of the hour bell, "Big Ben", in the clock tower. The nickname 'Big Ben' was given to the Great Bell in honour of Sir Benjamin, whose name is inscribed on it.
As MP for Monmouth, Sir Benjamin campaigned to have religious services in Welsh. He was also outspoken on the issue of the state of the Anglican church in Wales and deplored the exploitation of church revenues. He was married to Augusta Waddington, better known as Lady Llanover, the well known patron of the Welsh arts.

Sir Benjamin Hall

The Clock

Big Ben
Not many people know that .... my name is ...

Meanwhile in the real world ...

Thirst is a terrible thing ..


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