Wednesday, 21 November 2018

21st November 2018 - Little Houses and 1971 Llanelli revisited

Thought for the day :"If you cut your left arm off – then your right arm would be left "

Time to revisit little houses:

Here’s an attractive modern home built by Olive Nest Tiny Homes, nicknamed The Elsa, in some ways the tiny house that’s unlike any other tiny house you’ve ever seen. When at it’s destination, the tiny house has a separate trailer that connects with it and has a greenhouse mounted to it. In essence, a two-trailer tiny house setup that turns into one. The inside is just as impression as the exterior as you’ll see in the video. The home’s interior measures 323 square feet, and includes a full-sized seating area, kitchen, dining counter, bathroom and sleeping loft. It features a mini-split unit for heating and air conditioning. What do you think?

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A Nice little house...

And in revisiting Little Houses - time to revisit Llanelli in days gone by ..
1971 and BBC Radio Wales provide this insight into the town - leaving babies outside shops, the new multi-storey car park and Graham Donoghue's the Greengrocer - look at the prices - that was pre EU !!!


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