Friday, 9 June 2017

9th June 2017 - Pooh and Parties

Thought for the day : "To argue with someone who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead" - 
Thomas Paine

So the election is over and nothing changes. A hung parliament, no clear leadership, no clear mandate, chance of a new prome minister once the current one finds the position untenable, as one commentator put it "A serial liar supported by religious fanatics" - oh yes - the DUP have creationists, anti LGBT - and no Susie that is not a lettuce and bacon sandwich - and other strange people.
Also - let us just note the Northern Ireland constituencies

Yes - those red ones are the DUP - all supporting May and the Conservatives - and the Green - all along the Border are Sinn Fein who support Union - but with Ireland!!  And so none ot those five border constinuencies will actually sit in parliament and take up their seats as to do so they would have to swear allegiance to the Queen - which is against their policy and beliefs. This helps bring down the number needed in the House of Commons for a majority of course - but makes you think about the realities of Ireland Politics and the "Soft Border" with the EU (with Ireland)....

But I stayed up until 5.30am to watch the pretty pictures upon the map.

Democracy in Action
And so I say ....

Thanks to Caro for this immediate response:
'No we're not. Not because of your political beliefs, but because I can't be friends with someone who thinks plurals are spelled with apostrophes', said Pooh

'B*ll*ck' s ' said Piglet.

I can only add:

and with those thoughts - I wish my Mother a very Happy 90th Birthday -

Have a wonderful day - even though you do not want anyone to know !!

Cheers !

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