Friday, 30 June 2017

30th June 2017 - Arrivals and June busts out all over

Thought for the day: "Our local flasher was thinking of retiring but has decided to stick it out for one more year"

In my mailbox this morning .. Tickets for Mythodea - so it is all real after all!

I have also been looking at getting some coins pressed as part of a Marketing idea - some ready money that can be passed around to special customers... Have played with the concept and some designs - best came up with this one ...

Also been back in the studio - not getting any easier to get the sound right - but playing with ideas ..

Othere things that arrived today - apparently the long saga of the translations and citations and notarising is finally over - Sacrlett's Passport arrived today ... in Crete of course.. but that is one potential future problem less to face..

And so June comes to an end ..
That will be 30 days Dry - and a weight loss from 15st 12 to 14st 5
Not quite as much as I had wanted - with the loss of potato and bread for 30 days as well - but a fair attempt. Obviously, a lack of exercise probably has its affect - a thought about going for another month - I thought... for about 5 seconds - didn't seem to be a good idea ..

Cheers !!

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