Saturday, 24 June 2017

24th June 2017 - Of Soft Drinks and Songs...

Thought for the day: "Keep the dream alive: Hit the snooze button"

Weather turning this morning - so Summer is probably over for another year. Personally I can take or leave the heat - as long as I have some decent air conditioning. Never been one for sitting on a beach or chasing the sun. I am the guy who tends to wear  shorts over Christmas and not feel the cold.

Thursday last was a quick trip back to Llanelli and a meeting of the Deheubarth Conclave of Commissioned rulers in the Order of secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan in England Wales and its Districts and Conclaves Overseas. I don';t have to carry the gown around with me - but the sash stays with me until I install my successor next year.

Of course in this degree that may cause a little problem as I will have to get a dispensation to go into the Chair of another Conclave in September when I get installed as Supreme Ruler of the Cynghordy Conclave in Llanelli - you are not really allowed to be in two chairs in the same province under normal circumstances - but I think on this occasion they will allow it. Then I will have two sashes to wear and will have to decide which one at a time - - 1st World Problems !

In other news - I really like my father in law's scales which are obviously broken but show that I have lost another few pounds during my monthly period of abstinence. It has not really proved any difficulty - other than parting with £17.25 a bottle of wine for the top table on Thursday and not able to drink - and finding that the bottle was one glass short for the entire top - so having to put my hand into the pocket for a second bottle at Hotel prices !!!  But I kept the bottle - and can always take it back with me in July and enjoy a glass with myself .....
I still get annoyed with hotel prices. I saw a colleague buy a glass of lemonade with a brit vic orange put in the top  - he kindly offered to buy my pint of iced tap water (no charge naturally) and I then watched him pass over £3.25 for his soft drink! I may not be drinking - but I certainly will not be buying any soft drinks from Hotels - I shall stick with my iced water !!...

On better news - I saw in Tesco that they have a big box full of fruit that they invite children to eat from when int he store which is for free. I thought that was a nice idea - though I felt peckish myself - being unable to eat bread or potatoes on my diet - and thought that this was being un-necessarily ageist in its policy..  I decided not to stand on my high horse on this occasion - but it is food for thought - or rather food for kids and not old men ( see what i did there?)

So - I work on my new Song - Song for Valeria - but having to use the laptop mike and audacity software as practice mode... it will get together - hopefully before I get to Germany ...

She stood at the window
There were Shadows within 
The flicker of firelight
Tattooing her skin
So Still and so Silent 
Her gaze far away 
If I close my eyes tightly

I can see her today...

She sat at the table 
Her head in her hands 
Her gaze it was distant
Far places far lands
But her smile it was gentle
She saw through it all 
A band of bright scarlet

O'er her eyes pierced my soul


She walked like a dancer

She stood like a Queen
With Fur at her shoulders 
So lithe and so lean
Stark elven features
A haughty disdain
Brings me back to the Crabbe
Again and again..

So - 24 Days into Diet - 6 to go
(Not that I am counting of course !!)

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