Thursday, 15 June 2017

15th June 2017 - Half way there - Go Figure It

Thought for the day: "A man on a tractor shouted at me  "The end of the world is nigh!". I think it was Farmer Geddon."

I accept that I am a bit of a social media fanatic - starting each day with my Blog, and the thought for the day and birthday wishes on Facebook - and my weekly change of covers - but it all helps to keep the interest - in particular to the Crimson Moon.

Facebook recorded this today with a little picture outlining 86,000 likes - which is quite impressive.

 Meanwhile - Youtube moves on a  little to 119,000 plus..

And for the Moon it is over 30,000 - though to be fair that is from 2004

With 3,306 links on facebook and 1,816 "likes" on Crimson Moon Page - we are not doing too badly...

And today marks half way through June - 15 days of dry and diet and only 15 to go. But the scales showed the magic "14" onthe dial rather than "15" in the stones section ( this will mean very little to my American readers who cannot understand how much dropping the 15-14 down to 14-13 means - I do not know what it is in pounds (I know I could work it out but I can't be bothered) but it is less of a staging post .....

15 more days to see how far we can bring the figures down ...

So with some figures going up and other figures coming down I will leave you with a non-alcoholic picture for the day..


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