Tuesday, 27 June 2017

27th June 2017 - Songs and Combat

Thought for the day:"After a few recent murders where the victims have been stabbed with knitting needles - the police think the murderer is following a pattern."

Tuesday - all day
Cloudy and grey - and almost ready to forget the sun and heatwave from last week.

Allied Masonic Degree last night - Grand Tylers of Solomon went withut a hitch - though the general consensus was that the ceremony was far better than the book of ritual on which it was based - I may have hammed it up in a couple of places - but with a dozen friends in the council it was "a good time had by all!"

Installation of the Red Cross of Constantine this evening - but I do not have to do anything except play the Organ so that is a bonus.

They want me to play "We'll keep a welcome in the hillsides" for the recession on Saturday in the Provincial Mark Meeting where I am also organist. Sadly - they still do not realise that I am not really a keyboard player and I am having great troble finding any sheet music - and the bits I have seen are all for Harry Secombe and in Eb - which has three black notes which is totally uacceptable.
Will have to sit down and see how much I can do by ear - in C or G ...

On the subject of music - I found this recent music song analysis ...

I thought it was quite apt.

Of course - with battles pending this weekend ( not for me I hasten to add - but for the Moon) I found this little "note to self" about combat which is worth sharing..

Will try to get back into the studio this morning

3 Days to Go

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